Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reduce the pressure of population in Dhaka city by creating opportunity of residential accommodation of the city dwellers in the vicinity of the city. Maintain the balance of environment by proper Urbanization. Create environment friendly and sustainable atmosphere. Reduce the existing acute problem of housing. Expand civic facilities by urbanization to the near by and surrounding areas gradually. Develop of new township and to expand economic facilities. On the other hand to mitigate future housing demand.
Targets :
Our target is to enhance our property development line and continue to use it as a platform on which constantly extends its broad spectrum of activities both in Bangladesh and abroad and is able to compete and survive in any operating environment.
Our management philosophy focuses on the following goals:
•  To cater the boom in Real Estate Development in Bangladesh.
•  Our mission is to provide fit, safe and affordable housing for low and moderate income people.
•  With the focus on matching the right people to the right property
•  Have come together with a range of skills and backgrounds with the common commitment to deliver new levels of service and honesty.
•  Strengthen our profile as a company of high quality and reliability in all areas.
•  Increase our productivity and serve better our clients through continuous improvement and development of our staff.
•  Constantly re-assess the market to eliminate risks and exploit opportunities, passing on the benefits to our clients and shareholders.