Terms & Conditions

  1. It is a ‘first come first serve’ allotment system.
  2. Application must be made using the LDDL’s prescribed form and attach two passport-sized photographs along with booking money @ Tk. 10,000/- per Katha for Lotus Design & Development Limited.
  3. For Registration, full price of the Plot must be paid at-a-time.
  4. Prices of the Plots are shown in the respective Price List. However, depending on circumstances, LDDL reserves the right to change the Price List at its discretion. But after finishing the booking procedure of any plot, company will not change the price value of that plot.
  5. LDDL will conclude a Deed of Agreement with the Allottee after payment of full price in case of at-a-time payment and after payment of 30% Down Payment in case of purchase on installment basis.
  6. All payments must be made through Cash/Cheque/Bank Draft/Pay Order in favour of Lotus Design & Development Limited.
  7. Non-resident Bangladeshis can pay in foreign currency equivalent to BDT through Bank Draft/TT.
  8. In case of purchase by installment, Down Payment @ 20% of the total price minus the Booking Money to be paid within one month from the booking date and rest amount must be paid in installments as prescribed in the Price List.
  9. Utility Services like Water & Sewerage, Electricity, and Gas etc will be provided in the Project by the concerned authorities under the supervision and coordination of LDDL. Total expense for the Utility Services will be divided by the total number of Kathas in the Project. Accordingly, each Allottee will be required to bear the expense per Katha as decided by LDDL.
  10. Plots will be physically handed over to the respective Allottees once it is ready along with the Boundary Walls and full price of the Plot has been realized. However, before handing over of the Plot (s) the Allottee will be required to pay LDDL the cost for Registration, Development cost and the Utility Services. Registration will be done after the physical handover of the Plot (s).
  11. For Registration and Transfer of the Plot (s), the respective Allottee will bear expenses for Stamp Duty, Registration Fee, VAT, Documentation Charge, miscellaneous charge etc.
  12. In case of any increase/decrease of Plot measurement, the price of the concerned Plot will be adjusted during its registration/handover.
  13. After payment of Booking Money and allotment of Plot if any Customer wants to cancel the Allotment then he/she must apply in writing. In such case 5% amount will be deducted from the deposited amount (Down Payment and Installments) and rest amount will be refunded as per the Company’s Rules & Regulations.
  14. Allotted plot must be used for the purpose as stated in the Deed of Agreement and the development works on the Plot must be done as per the rules of RAJUK.
  15. Company maintains the handover schedule very carefully. However, If there is delay due to any unavoidable circumstances like natural calamity or political situation etc, the valued customer will kindly accept the inconvenience.

1. PURCHASERS are required to read the above general terms and conditions minutely and put their signature as acceptance before purchase.
2. This general terms and conditions are the integral part of the DEED OF AGREEMENT.

Actual usable plot size may very from stated layout plan. All elevations, layout plans, site plan and landscaping are artist’s concept. All dimensions are approximate.